Data protection, accountability and public interest.

Reading this article, I started having a lot of random thoughts:

The issue of GDPR was one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

However, the public interest in the international law is a mandatory overriding principle in any subject matter.

Public interest is not only a mandatory overriding principle in international law, but also in national law. (cfr. US national security act)

In this sense, I ask myself what can be defined as “public interest”.

Shall public interest respect the constitution, in its quality of grundnorm.

Or is the interest of maintaining the existence of a State, in re ipsa, expression of the grundnorm.

To resume my reasoning:

In defining “public interest”, which hierarchy of law system shall be used?

Admitted and not granted that international law shall come first:

– shall public interest be able of overriding the social contract?

– shall the State-only theory the only one to be accepted in international law, as per status quo, given that without individuals States would not exist.

Your opinions are welcome.